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Caldwell Lead Sled and Lead Sled DFT Review

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In this video from TFB TV, James reviews the Caldwell Lead Sled Plus and the Lead Sled DFT, which Caldwell sent over. He shoots on both frames with the M4, M16 and AK47, and gives his thoughts, as well.

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James says he actually called Caldwell to ask if he could have a Lead Sled, since some viewers were asking for more details on the accuracy test they did. Caldwell was very cool about it and sent two, which he unboxes. There are instructions and a tool kit for assembly. He follows instructions and schematics and manages to put the Lead Sleds together, and he says they’re well-made and it was pretty easy to put everything together.

The Lead DFT box is substantially heavier, as it has Dual-Frame Technology. But since the manual has more pictures, James is able to put it together fairly easily enough, though it did take longer. He takes both sleds out to the range.

He has the Lead Sled Plus set up for the M4, and he says those who are pistol grip shooters might be in a little bit of trouble, especially if shooting while seated or prone. His gun is pointed in an upward arc, because the pistol grip on the M4 goes right into the sled’s main support rod. The barrel can be adjusted up or down with a wheel, but the pistol grip will always hit the rod. He says a solution would be to elevate the back instead.

The Lead Sled DFT is excellent, because it has so many features, turning a gun into a very impressive, medieval-like system. With the AR, the banana magazine runs into the dual tubes of the sled, like the M4 on the Lead Sled Plus. So he has the rear propped up. He fires in a prone position to check.

He says in conclusion, getting the Lead Sled DFT is worth it, because of the fine-tuning features and the dual tubes where magazines or pistol grips can slip through instead of hit.


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