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Coleman 8 Person Instant Tent Review (14’x10′)

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In this video, the narrator of The Late Boy Scout reviews the 14×10 Coleman 8 Person Instant Tent. He discusses why he chose this particular model and talks about the features of the tent.

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The narrator begins by saying that his 14×10-inch Coleman 8 Person Instant Tent has been through all types of camping and that it’s held up really well. The tent is a spacious one, designed for quick assembly. The poles come pre-attached and run on the exterior of the tent. The tent is great for large groups and long trips, and can fit multiple cots or airbeds.

The key feature of the 14×10 Coleman 8 Person Instant Tent is its vertical walls. The tent has a total of seven windows for full ventilation. The base measures 14×10 feet, and the center height of the tent is 6 feet 5 inches. The tent also features an exclusive Weather Tec system with thick waterproof walls and welded floors.

The doors have nice, robust flaps to keep the zippers completely covered. The flaps work to repel rain. According to the narrator, the tent did a great job keeping him and his family dry inside on a rainy camping trip.

The floors in the interior of the tent are not bathtub floors as far the seams are constructed, but the narrator claims that he has not experienced any issues with leaking. The tent has two doors and a lot of pockets for storage. One of the unique features of the 14×10 Coleman 8 Person Instant Tent is the wall on the inside, effectively making it a 2-room tent. The wall can be rolled up or can be zipped all the way down to keep the partition closed.

The narrator also notes that one of his favorite features of the tent is the headroom, as he is six feet and 2 inches tall, but he can stand-up inside the tent.

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