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Firehose vs flamethrower

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In this video, the men of Crash Zone do an experiment where they pit a flamethrower against a firehose to see which is stronger, a blast of water or a blast of fire. Two men, who appear to be firefighters, stand behind a shield with a firehose, while another man remotely activates the flamethrower. There are a few bystanders, likely there to extinguish any fires that gets out of hand.

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The first round didn’t go so well because the firefighters blasted the flamethrower with a spray of water before the other men could light the gas. For the second round, they lit the flamethrower and moved to a secure location before the firemen turned on the heat and unleashed the water. This time, the fire got to them. It was so strong that one of the firemen behind the shield fell backwards and it took them a while to put out the flames that reached them.

After they had extinguished the fire, the bystanders explained that the water jet was too high. The flamethrower quickly lost pressure and the fire went just below the spray, so it had no trouble withstanding the water. Upon hearing this, they came to an agreement to adjust their aims so that the water and fire blasts would crash head-on.

The third round was quite amazing. The firemen seemed to anticipate the fire’s movements, so they were able to counter the strong rapidly moving flames quite adeptly. For a moment, water and fire were suspended midair, fighting to move past each other, before the water snuffs out the flames on the other side.

Ultimately, the experiment doesn’t really decide the if fire is stronger that water, but it does provide some very cool footage and is cause for more speculation regarding the subject. However, viewers are advised not to try this test at home without proper equipment, permission, and supervision.

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