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FLIR Factory Trip and Thermal Discussion

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The Military Arms Channel presents a trip to the FLIR factory, along with a discussion on thermal technology and how it’s used on sights. Thermal sights are either mounted on guns or handheld, which can be really handy for hunters when they’re out in the field looking for game, or for a place to set up.

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He says he thinks thermal sights are the future. A lot of people construe thermals as being simply night vision devices, which is not true. They see just as well in the daytime, unlike night vision, which is a light intensifying unit that is designed to operate only at night. Prices on thermals have been consistently dropping, making them more accessible to weapon owners – unlike night vision devices which will always be expensive to make.

Armasight has been acquired by FLIR, which caused some concerns, but he shows how his trip to the FLIR factory in Portland went. There’s footage of workers making the products. FLIR has produced plenty of devices for the hunting and shooting community, such as handheld thermals. However, until its recent acquisition of Armasight, its commercial footprint was somewhat limited.

Andrew Saxton, director of marketing, says they didn’t buy Armasight to clear out a competitor; rather, they saw an opportunity to work together with them to bring an expanded portfolio to users. He says FLIR is committed to sportsmen, and are very happy that the technology is now available to the everyday man, when it was only for the military before.

FLIR is the biggest maker of thermal cores, which is the essence of any thermal imaging device. These are considered to be the best in the industry. Armasight was the biggest buyer of FLIR cores, so it made good business sense for FLIR to buy them.

There is some discussion on how thermals and thermal cores work when used. Saxton says night vision improved human sensitivity, but thermal gives a completely different experience that makes people more responsible, more ethical shooters.

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