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Grappling Hook Cannon! Shoots Cans, Too

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This video from TwangnBang showcases a grappling hook cannon. He is seen inserting a grappling hook into the cannon, then shooting it across a field. The hook flies a good length away, and he says it’s going to be so much fun.

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He says watching the cannon shoot cans was pretty cool and he wanted to buy one for himself. He describes it as an AR-15 upper receiver originally designed to launch full 12-ounce cans using 556 blanks. These are often used to launch improvised projectiles, like tennis balls, fruit and vegetables and so on.

The grappling hook that comes with this has four arms with teeth ending in a finger-like hook. This grabs on to something while minimizing the chance that it gets stuck and lost. Not coincidentally, when closed, the grappling hook has the outer dimensions of a 12-ounce can. The body is made of aluminum with a free-spinning mount for paracords. The grappling hook is not meant for supporting weight, but it can be used to retrieve items that have been lost in hard to reach places. The manufacturers have also been approached regarding the use of the hooks for toppling branches and small trees.

The can-can itself is built on an upper receiver and the launch tube also functions as the barrel nut though its intentionally installed hand-tight to facilitate cleaning in the field. The can does not have a gas system so you must manually cycle the bolt to eject the spent case and load a new blank. This simplifies operation and amps up safety.

He uses the launcher on a rubber dummy, shooting it with blanks and other projectiles. He says this answers the question on why you would spend money on shooting cans, but he says it’s extremely fun and people don’t know what they’re missing.

He tries shooting some improvised sabots – a can loaded with apples, and he keeps firing away at the dummies, expressing his enthusiasm for this new toy.

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