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HighCom Ballistic Shield Test – This thing takes a beating!

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This video by Military Arms Channel features the HighCom Ballistic Shield. HighCom Security makes some high-end armor systems for law enforcement and military personnel. They design and manufacture world-class ballistic shields and distribute a wide range of riot and civilian defense shields and protective barriers.

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The featured shield is 20 inches by 34 inches. It’s IIIA-rated and NIJ-certified, which means it’s capable of stopping most handgun threats. It also has an optional viewing port that allows the user to stay behind ballistic cover and still use a weapon and/or see what they’re doing while navigating. The way that it’s configured, it has a curvature to it and ballistic glass for the viewing port. It retails for around $1800 and was made in the United States.

The shield weighs about 15 pounds and is designed so that the user can protect their vital organs, all the way from their head to the hips. They also have other shield sizes, both larger and smaller. At its weight, you can easily carry it while advancing forward and using a firearm. It works for both right and left-handed users.

As seen in the video, the shield can handle various 9mm and 10mm firearms using various ammunition, including the 124g and 180g from Freedom Munitions. Other 9mm loads used were the Luger from Underwood and Liberty Ultra Defense, both known to pass through soft armor.

The shield was shot at from five yards away because it was designed for close-quarter combat. After multiple shooting tests using different guns and bullets, there was no penetration, even on the viewing port. The Ruger SR-556 was the final test and the bullet went through, but it was only using this gun that any bullet penetrated the shield.

In conclusion, the HighCom Ballistic Shield can really take a beating. It is definitely capable of stopping all handgun threats and some rifle threats like the M1 Carbine, which is pretty impressive for a IIIA shield.

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