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Why I’m Done with Hammock Camping

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Here, the Late Boy Scout points out the reasons why hammock camping just isn’t for him. He starts by saying he’s on a car camping trip, and is out in the mountains with his son and a Boy Scout troop. They’re making the most of the summer.

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He points to his hammock, which is an upgrade over the old-school net type. He says he’s invested some money in hammock camping, but he’ll list the reasons why he’s not going back to it. His hammock is a single, with an undercoat and a quilt. It’s synthetic and kept him toasty enough on the underside throughout the night. It’s toggle-tied with bungee cords to tree trunks.

There’s an inflatable Pillow X, which was functional. The Pillow X makes a large X in the middle where the head can rest comfortably, providing a neck rest of sorts as well. He put a large scarf over the pillow so it would be easier to sleep on. He also has a wool and synthetic blend blanket which kept him warm enough.

His son had a tent, so he got up halfway through the night and walked to his son’s tent, because he couldn’t spend another minute comfortably in the hammock. He says it’s not good for his back, because no matter what position he’s in, it doesn’t work for him as he has minor back issues. Side sleeping was terrible, as well, and his body did not want to fall asleep no matter which way he turned.

He says he doesn’t want to spend several hundred more dollars on more luxurious hammock systems that provide better comfort, so he’ll stick with tent camping. In tents, he can sleep on his back or on his side, even if the ground is hard and lumpy. But he’s not getting rid of the hammock – it’ll do for lounging on vacations, because it is comfortable for basic swinging and sitting.


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