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IV8888 MAN CAN June 2017 Unboxing

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Eric unboxes the IV8888 Man Can in this episode of TFB TV. These are monthly announcements, where they discuss the things that go out in their man cans. For the uninitiated, these man cans are basically a way for the guys to raise funds to support the channel – viewers can buy these to help finance their YouTube efforts. These are available on three different tiers, as seen on the website.

All Your Tactical Supplies at wholesale+15%

Ammunition at just above wholesale!
All Your Tactical Supplies at wholesale+15%

Ammunition at just above wholesale!

They announce the month’s theme, and take pre-orders. The cans going out now are for June, which had the theme Patriotism Month. July is Boomstick Month, and Eric discusses a bit on what’s coming up for that. He also explains that Chad is off for the weekend.

In the box for June are: a revolutionary soldier patch from Bastion, a fight soap with a Pledge of Allegiance on it, a shirt, a really cool poster, discount cards from Optics Planet – as much as 12% off, a ball cap with “Don’t Tread on Me,” a stainless steel tumbler that Eric says is a killer at holding ice well (he tested it), a large beach towel set of two with “very American” scenes (including one with George Washington and an armed army crossing the Delaware, and one with lots of bacon on it).

Giveaways are included, such as fight soaps, something cool from CMMG (which he can’t describe in detail) and other surprises that he can’t give away. He apologizes profusely for the lack of items he has, explaining that there were some time constraints (and the lack of Chad), but reassures viewers that the boxes will be shipped with complete items.

Eric also touches a bit on the importance of these man cans, and how the support of viewers and fans really goes a long way towards their creating quality content. He also says that they take comments regarding what viewers want to see seriously, and will see what they can come up with soon.

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