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Liquifying Suicide Bombers in Baghdad | Ultimate Warfare

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This is a video from the American Heroes Channel. It features the United States Military response to dealing with Iraqi suicide bombers on the combat field.  It explains just how suicide bombers are nullified before they even have a chance to come into contact with the United States soldiers.

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In terms of machinery, there is no question that the Iraqi forces are severely out matched by the firepower of the United States.  Unfortunately, irrational and immoral fighting tactics are enough to offset even the most powerful fight force in the world. Suicide vehicles are a regular occurrence when battling in the Middle East.

In 2014 the presence of US soldiers was still prohibited by the government in Baghdad, so deciphering suicide vehicles from protesters and civilians became increasingly difficult. The Sabot Rod, made of depleted uranium, can puncture oncoming vehicles that are posing a treat to soldiers and liquefy all of the inhabitants before they have a chance to trigger any bombs.


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