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Making a Bulletproof Combat Mask

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The video demonstrated how to make a bulletproof mask out of a sheet of steel and test if it would withstand bullets. The narrator used a steel sheet that was a quarter-inch thick, measuring 15×20 inches. He made a template using a piece of paper then folded in half. The measurements went from the tip of forehead to tip of nose, inch past the chin then back of jaw, curved it back in before the ear, angled it back when he drew the template, to complete a full facial covering.

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He then spray painted the template onto the steel then cut the steel following the template with an angled grinder, following the lines of the template. It looked difficult to cut round the curved edges, but he smoothed those out with the grinder when the whole piece came off the main sheet.

He did not cut the eyes out but marked where they are so he doesn’t forget where they go. The whole job of just cutting took him two hours. He then scored the cut steel mask with an angle grinder to bend it to the shape he wanted, then beat the lines down with a hammer on the edge of a table until they were at the angle he preferred.

He decided to cut the mask in half lengthwise with the angle grinder because it would not bend to get the angle he wanted, and because it was too weak and would have broken. He went ahead with scoring and angling and bending for the jaw guard.

To fasten the pieces of the mask together, he drilled holes in the sides and pop riveted it together again. He bent a steel strap and riveted it to the back of the helmet to hold it in place on a head. He also took apart sunglass lenses for the eyes, and while not bulletproof, looked good. Then he spray painted the whole thing with a metallic finish.

A quarter-inch foam board for the lining on the inside was cut using the same template used on the steel then fitted inside the mask. His original plan was to shoot the mask but since there was so much work involved, he decided to shoot the piece of steel left over.

He used three kinds of guns to test the metal: 9mm, .22 and 223. The .22 and 9mm rounds did not even dent or leave a bulge, but basically ricocheted off the metal. However, the 223 did go through, so he says the helmet is effective for pistol-caliber rounds and can actually protect a wearer’s face from getting shot.

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