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MINI-ARROWS Exotic Shotgun Rounds

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Portions of these protoype bullets were printed with a 3D printer.  Initially limited to making molds, 3D printers can now print most anything, especially small parts for machinery. As it turns out, they can also create parts for custom-built ammunition.

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Tim of Tactical G-Code has been making the rounds on video sharing channels due to his unique inventions: slugs and rounds of unusual shapes, materials and parts. His new Mini-Arrows were the subject of a shooting experiment where the team tried to discover just how effective this kind of slug could be.

The Mini-Arrows are an original, if somewhat complex, concept; never before have similar slugs been created. A multi-faceted brass tip made up the “arrow head” of the slug. A machined Delrin shaft assembly, a 3D-printed support base to distribute energy and a 3D-printed discarding sabot to fill the space in the barrel comprised the rest of the slug. The arrow slugs were considered prototypes. The experiment made use of three of the arrows.

The experimenters used a Mossberg 590 smooth-bore shotgun for the tests. Their first target was a ballistic gel loaf with a wood block backing it, placed 15 yards away, with less powder to control velocity. When fired, the arrow went through the loaf and embedded itself so deeply into the wood block that there was some difficulty digging it out. The next target was a wooden table placed 30 feet away to make up for the strong impact during the previous tests. Upon firing, the arrow embedded itself firmly onto the wooden surface.

The test concluded that these new, unique Mini-Arrows were quite powerful slugs, able to pierce and penetrate when at full velocity. If ever used for normal shooting purposes, they should be able to inflict quite a lot of damage.

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