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Real SciFi Body Armor! NIJ Rated Ballistic Protection

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Armor has always been a part of battle gear. When one thinks of medieval knights and modern-day soldiers alike, one thinks immediately of armor. Old-school armor calls to mind stainless steel suits and chain-plate that rattled and clinked when a person walked. Modern armor are basically helmets and bullet-proof vests, made of lightweight materials.

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Movies such as Ironman have brought the idea of a full-body armored suit back to pop culture, inciting several inventions and innovations in the area. While Tony Stark’s highly advanced robots might be out of actual scientific scope right now, there have been attempts to make similar models, if only for experimentation purposes. One of these body suits is the Project Galac-Tac armor, which was made in collaboration among cosplay costume artists, Armasight, HK, SOG and AR500Armor.com.

The Galac-Tac armor is sci-fi inspired in design – think Storm Troopers from the Star Wars movies. The armor and helmet are made of semi-rigid urethane that is bonded to real Level IIIA hybrid body armor to provide realistic protection against ballistics. Lightweight and mobile, the armor can be worn on foot or with a jet pack, and is flexible enough to go with body movements instead of constricting them. A laser-proof visor also gives full facial and full-frontal protection.

Features of the Galac-Tac helmet include full audio capabilities, headset and microphone that can be used to coordinate with others, as well as a radio for communication. There’s also a monocle infrared unit with an upgraded IRIS system that transmits images to the monocle via infrared. This allows the person wearing the armor to make difficult shots such as around corners with minimal danger.

This armor and helmet are available for pre-order and can be used in actual battle situations. The armor is available in green, tan, black and in grey.

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