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“ROCKET POD” Shotgun Slugs – First Whistling slugs?

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This video was posted to Youtube by TAOFLEDERAMAUS and details their testing of “Rocket Pod” shotgun slugs.  Rocket Pod’s are an experimental projectile created by Tim Hamilton of Tactical G Code. This unique slug is aerodynamically hollowed out around the tip and resembles the rocket pod on a Russian helicopter. It weighs about 18 grams and its design makes it an ideal candidate for customization.  The folks over at TAOFLEDERAMAUS took it upon themselves to fill one with bb bullets before testing it out.

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The slugs are fired from a Benelli Nova with a rifle choke and a Mossberg 590, aiming at a target 50 yards away. Because of the low sample size (only 2 shells were provided), the video is kind of short. Still, it’s interesting to see how this improvised ammo holds up on the range. Specs for the Benelli Nova and the Mossberg 590 can be found below.


  • Weight – 8 lbs. (3.63kg)
  • Length – 45.5-49.5 in. (1,155.7-1,257.3mm)
  • Barrel length – 18½-28 in. (609.6-711.2mm)
  • Cartridge – 12-gauge shotshell, 20-Gauge Shotshell
  • Action – Pump-action
  • Feed system – 4+1 internal magazine
  • Sights – Mid: Metal bead / Front: Red bar

Mossberg 590

  • Weight – 5.5 lb (2.5 kg) to 7.5 (3.4 kg) empty
  • Barrel length – 14 to 30 inches (350 to 762 mm)
  • Caliber – 12 gauge, 20 gauge, and .410 bore
  • Action – pump action
  • Muzzle velocity – 403 m/s (1,325 ft/s) for 12-gauge, 23⁄4″, 00 buckshot load 475 m/s (1,560 ft/s) for 12-gauge 437-grain rifled slug
  • Effective range – 40 m
  • Maximum range – 50 m for shot, 300 m for slugs
  • Feed system- varies, 5+1 to 8+1 rounds; internal tube magazine
  • Sights – varies

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