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SOG Powerplay: Full-Featured EDC Multitool FTW!

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The Late Boy Scout presents the SOG Powerplay here, a full-featured (everyday carry) EDC multi-tool that is capable of quite a lot.

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It comes with a hard nylon sheath that can be worn on a belt, with a rubber clasp to hold the tool. There’s a soft nylon sheath with a Velcro flap too, and there’s a bit driver kit with all the bits any handyman could ever need, including a quarter-inch socket driver. The driver kit can be bought separately. The nylon pouch can also attach to webbing on bags, jackets and so on, making it easy to carry. It weighs 8 ounces on its own, without the sheaths.

One of the great things about SOG multi-tools is the multiplying gear on the head – the compound leverage gear – which allows more flexibility and grip when the tool is used. The pliers are great, with fine teeth and a good point. The bit driver is in the middle of the gears, where the bits can just slip on. It requires a bit of force to use, so that it has some torque to it.

Other features are: a knife that is adequate for basic functions, a serrated blade, a bottle opener, a Philip’s head, a can opener, a flathead, rulers in inches and centimeters, a file with serrations, a small saw that performed well, a larger flathead, a small eyeglass flathead, a small awl. There are small knobs to click that release the tools, which can be difficult for smaller hands to disengage.

There’s a pretty good selection of tools that do the job adequately, and none of them failed when he tested them out. The main difference with the Powerplay and earlier SOG models is how the bit handles, because the smaller multi-tools need a lot of force and a strong grip to use the bits.

He compares this with the other multi-tools, like Leatherman, one of which has small scissors and a diamond file – things SOG does not have. But overall, the Powerplay is definitely a strong player in EDCs.


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