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Stealth Gear Revolution Holsters: This Changes Everything!

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The Late Boy Scout presents the new SG Revolution Holster from Stealth Gear USA – a comfortable, breathable, affordable firearm accessory that’s also very affordable. They also ship just 72 hours after an order is placed.

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All Your Tactical Supplies at wholesale+15%

Ammunition at just above wholesale!

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He starts by saying he doesn’t feature a lot of holsters mainly because very few fail to impress. This is an exception to the rule – it’s innovative and out of the ordinary. These holsters have been tested by him over a few months.

He starts talking about the features. The holsters are all synthetic, so if dunked in water, there won’t be a problem. They’re made of stainless steel, black oxide hardware – no corrosion, no damage. The breathable polymer material and price are the highest selling points for Stealth Gear here, as they retail for between $50-60, depending on holster style.

The holsters are comfortable to use, able to mold to a shooter’s body very quickly and made of soft material so it’s not stiff or abrasive or sticky. They require no breaking-in, and there’s no absorption of sweat so the holsters don’t get smelly or really dirty over time, as a quick wiping down will do. He’s tried wearing the holster from the mountains to the desert all day, and it held up well under both cold and hot weather conditions.

There are also a good number of concealed carry options for these, which can be seen on their website. He has two on the table. One is the inside waistband mini, because of its size, which comes out to the sides and wraps around the body a little bit more. It distributes the weight pretty evenly. There’s the appendix inside waistband type, too. The design allows dust and grime to fall out so nothing accumulates inside the holster.

The fit is pretty well, and draw nicely without resistance – the balance of the flex and the depth is very nice. The fit is also adjustable, and the shape has been minimized so that there are no excess materials.

See 2000+ holsters here

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