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How America Would Crush North Korea

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Most people can agree that North Korea is being run by a harsh, corrupt dictatorship that has long held its citizens under a reign of fear and terror. Highly secretive and cut off from the rest of the world, there have been numerous defectors telling stories of the horrors that North Koreans have to live with every day.

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Aside from its brutal internal conditions, North Korea’s government has not been remiss in making threats towards the US and other powerful countries, defying peace procedures and aggressively preventing any news – or persons – from leaving the country.

In case North Korea does decide to go to war with the US, would they be likely to wipe out Western forces or do they not even have a fighting chance? This video demonstrates why it is unlikely that North Korea will ever win against the US, should it ever come to that.

North Korea’s armed forces use outdated vehicles, aircrafts, weapons and equipment. While their army is rumored to have some of the must punishing training, their Air Force uses old planes and jets, while their Navy is in an even more pitiful condition with their rusting submarines and boats. Ground forces are not spared, as the North Korean army uses old tanks, military vehicles and weaponry.

Despite the country’s strong “military first” mentality, North Korea has not had enough economic power to upgrade, let alone maintain, the needs of its army. Aside from that, North Korea has only a limited supply of weapons, perhaps no more than three months’ worth. Being cut off from the world, the country has not been able to procure more weapons, nor will they be able to once a war begins.

Perhaps the biggest factor that guarantees a North Korean loss is that the US has plenty of allies while North Korea has none. Should war be declared, South Korea’s thousands-strong forces would be the first to simply cross the border and fight before the US forces even set foot on Korean ground. In addition, North Korea would essentially be declaring war not just on the USA, but on the whole world – a move that its current government would not be foolish enough to ignore.

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