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C&C trucks carrying wind turbine blades to the mountaintop

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This video from CIMC Vehicles features footage of C&C trucks transporting wind turbine blades for the wind farm project. The wind farm project took place on top of the Baoding Mountain in the province of Yunnan.

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Each wind turbine blade was 52.4 meters long and weighed 80 tons, while the C&C trucks carrying the turbine blades were 6.9 meters long and weighed 9.7 tons. The road leading up to the wind farm was 5.5 kilometers long, at an altitude of 2,350 to 2,750 meters.

The video shows that three C&C trucks were used for the delivery. The three trucks travelled together, each carrying one wind turbine blade.

The mountain road condition was very tough. There were sharp turns, steep slopes, cliffs and long sequences of turns. The mountain road was also very narrow, and there were many homes on either side of the road. It was because of these reasons that the C&C trucks were used. The trucks demonstrated great engine power, high axle ratio and great torque. Hydraulic systems were used to lift and rotate the blades to avoid obstacles such as high voltage power lines, trees and buildings.

A lot of trucks were chosen for the wind farm project, but the only trucks that could complete the job were the C&C trucks. If the contractors had chosen a different truck brand, additional pulling force would have been added to keep the trucks moving forward, meaning two loaders would have been needed to give the trucks extra pulling force. The biggest advantage of the C&C trucks is that no matter how steep the slopes are, the trucks could always climb up with ease.

The C&C truck is equipped with a 6k12 series engine that is extremely reliable compared to other engines. The 6k12 series has a lifespan of over 1,600,000 kilometers and provides power of up to 480ps and maximum torque of up to 2,200Nm. The engine delivers powerful torque even at low speed.

The C&C truck is also equipped with a 16-speed fast transmission. The gear ratio spread is 17.04:1, which increases the truck’s climbing capacity.

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