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5 People Who Survived ISIS Executions

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The video from RahulTop5 lists five people who survived ISIS executions. The Islamic State of Iraq, or ISIS, is a terror group known for carrying out jihadist attacks throughout major cities in the world. They have killed thousands of civilians, and are also notorious for taking hostages and publicly executing them on live television.

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The first is a survivor of a massacre. ISIS was massacring hundreds of people recruited by the Iraqi government in June. Like something from a movie, Iraqi soldier Ali Hussein Kadim survived the massacre when he pretended to be dead while shots were fired around him. Kadim says he was praying and the militants were shooting at him, but somehow, the bullets never hit. Once it was dark, he got up, with his hands tied behind his back, and crossed a river that was supposed to take him home. But the strong currents took him directly to ISIS, so he had to hide for 3-4 days before making the crossing. It took him 4 weeks to get home.

Next is a man named Sayid, who was rounded up along with a hundred men in his village. They were told they were being taken to a refugee camp, which was a lie. The men were told to lie on the ground and started firing. Sayid was one of the lucky ones who survived the mass execution, even if he was shot three times in the leg and once in his neck. He says  when he was hit, he didn’t want to make a sound because anyone who made a sound was shot in the head. He pretended to be dead, and while in pain, dug himself out of the pile of dead bodies when night fell, and ran to the closest people he could find, which turned out to be the Iraqi Army.

Third on the list is Said Murat, who knew something was wrong when ISIS militants who had taken over his village began separating the men, children and women. They were forced to convert to Islam, and when they refused, they were prepared for execution. Murat was in a group of 30 men, and they were told to lie down. Between 10-12 fighters began shooting. He took a bullet in his upper body, hip and left knee. He waited for the terrorists to drive away and walked until he found a family who took him to a hospital. Doctors told him he was very, very lucky, because the bullet missed his heart by a literal inch.

Then there’s Wathiq Mohsin, who was driving a car in a convoy that was trying to escape a town taken over by ISIS. They had gotten as far as 15 kilometers when ISIS fighters hijacked them and made them drive to the execution site. Mohsin remembers seeing dead bodies everywhere on the way, and he told the terrorists he was Sunni, so they wouldn’t execute him. When they found his ID, they took him away for beheading, and he pleaded to be shot instead. When he got the chance, he ran to a car and drove off, with the terrorists chasing him until he reached an Iraqi Army checkpoint.

ISIS took over a prison outside the city of Mosul in 2014, and began killing all Shia Muslim prisoners. They gathered everyone and according to the survivors, shot everyone in the back of the head. Those who survived said that they dropped and played dead when they heard gunshots. ISIS burned down the prison after the massacre, and the survivors managed to get out and to the nearest Iraqi Army station.

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