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Boulder man fights off crocodile in Costa Rica

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The video is a quick news flash from The Denver Channel on how a man from Boulder, Colorado, fought off a crocodile in Costa Rica. According to the report, the man is alive but seriously hurt. He fought off the crocodile that attacked while he was surfing, and lost his leg in the process. They say it was a miracle he was able to survive at all as he had to swim to shore after the incident.

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According to the man’s wife, he was an environmentalist and a lover of nature, and he was attacked not once, but twice. The news report shows a clip of the victim swimming with a surfboard in the Tamarindo River. Identified as John Becker, the man was shown lying on the sand, his right leg severely mutilated, as paramedics tended to his injuries.

Peter McNulty, one of the lifeguards who saw Becker and hauled him to an ambulance while he bled profusely, says he was attacked once and when he fought back, it attacked once more, when Becker managed to punch it. Becker was then able to make it back to shore, which the lifeguard shows a great strength of will as anyone else might not have had the strength or presence of mind to swim back after such a vicious incident. He never gave up, never panicked and stayed calm throughout.

Becker’s son told the news team that his father needed hundreds of stitches to close wounds on his hands, arms, face, neck and legs. His right leg had to be amputated below the knee, but was recovering quite quickly.

Tamarindo is known for its overpopulation of crocodiles, as conservation efforts have turned it into a healthy mangrove forest, which has drawn in the large, toothy reptiles choosing to make the river their home. Wildlife experts have warned swimmers to be careful and give them their space to avoid any attacks.

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