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Chinese bank robber uses axe to break bullet proof glass

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The video demonstrates what happens when you have enough sheer determination and a lot of chutzpah.

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A man is shown entering a bank and putting on a mask, to the surprise of the two female tellers. The man then takes an axe and starts smashing the bulletproof glass with it, which proves to be quite difficult to break. As the man obviously did not anticipate the glass to be that tough, he continues to pound away at it.

Inside, the bank tellers are scrambling in panic, but are seen making calls, presumably to police officers. One of them has armed herself with a weapon, but the robber is determined to get through and continues hacking at the glass with the axe for a good several minutes. This gives the tellers inside enough time to press some alarm buttons and continue relaying the situation to people on the phone, locking everything in sight and locking themselves in the inner vault.

The robber then attempts to get through the small hole he had created, then when he doesn’t fit, wriggles out and continues to hammer at the wall with the axe. He then finally manages to fit inside the hole and crawls his way through to the inside of the tiny bank.

He starts trying to open drawers, but the tellers have locked everything, so he has to search for a while before he comes upon a drawer with what appears to be a small sheaf of paper bills. The robber quickly pockets this, before once more inserting himself back into the hole he created earlier.

Unfortunately for him, two police officers finally arrive and attempt to pull him out of the hole in the glass, where he is stuck halfway in and out. He manages to evade by wriggling back inside the bank, then rushes to the sealed vault where the tellers are in. The police officers, unable to get in, try to smash the window as well, while one of them points a gun through the hole.

The robber flees towards the back door – which apparently has been open the whole time – and escapes.

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