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Navy SEAL’s Amazing Survival Story: ‘God Get Me Home’

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CBN News tells the astounding story of Navy SEAL Sr. Chief Mike Day, his incredibly heroic actions during the Iraqi War and his miraculous survival of a situation that would have killed others.

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Day had served 21 years in the US Navy, 20 of them as a Navy SEAL. On the night of April 6, 2007, his troops were hunting a known Al-Qaeda cell in Anbar, Iran where four terrorists were in hiding after having blown up two helicopters, killing all the soldiers in them. Day and his men stormed the hideout, where the leaders were waiting with firearms. Day was shot 27 times and was pierced by shrapnel from explosions during the encounter, but he managed to eliminate all the terrorist leaders before making it back to his helicopter.

“It felt like someone was beating me up with sledgehammers,” he says of his entry into the hideout as he was met with gunfire. He says in that moment, he uttered his first real prayer to God, asking him to spare him so he could get back to his wife and two girls. To everyone’s astonishment, Day’s prayer was answered and he survived the ordeal, which included gunshots to his legs, arms and torso. Only his head remained unscathed.

He showed the body armor he was wearing, which bore multiple bullet holes. In all actuality, Day says he should have been killed. But he lived to be reunited with his family. It wasn’t easy though, as Day was diagnosed with PTSD, lost 55 lbs in the two weeks he was in the hospital and took two years to recover from his injuries. He still feels some pain to this day, but his courage is unimpeachable.

Aside from being a decorate war hero with the silver star, bronze star and purple heart to his name, Day was determined not to be a victim and instead became a wounded warrior advocate for the Special Warriors Command. He says he wants to make sure all civilian and military servicemen get their benefits and medical care.

He currently works to support the Carrick Brain Center in Texas, raising funds by joining triathlons. His latest project was the half-Ironman Triathlon, where he hopes to raise $75,000 to send his comrades to the Carrick Brain Center for treatment and support.

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