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Pro Surfs While Lit On Fire

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This footage from Red Bull shows Jamie O’Brien surfing the legendary Teahupo’o waves – while literally lit on fire. It starts y showing O’Brien and a crew on a small boat, where an assistant paints his suit with a substance that presumably allows it to catch fire. A small torch is applied to his back, and he’s lit.

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O’Brien pushes off his surfboard and rides a gigantic incoming wave, the flames licking his back. He successfully surfs down the wall of water, to the cheers of his companions who watch from the boat.

O’Brien is a professional surfer from Hawaii, who has conquered some of the world’s wildest waves and won multiple awards for surfing. His accomplishments include winning the 2003 Hansen’s Pipeline Pro, the 2004 Pipeline Masters, the 2004 Foster’s Lager Expression Trestles and the 2009 Rip Curl Cup.

He spent his childhood growing up near the Banzai Pipeline, giving him the practice and experience that would eventually make him one of the youngest surfers to ever win a Pipe Masters title. O’Brien has produced two films about surfing, “Freakshow,” “Freakside” and appeared in the popular surfing movie, “Blue Crush.” He has also made television and video appearances on surf-related shows like MTV’s “Boarding House/Stunt Surfer” and “Waxed Planet.”

He received the 2005 Boost Breakthrough Performance Award at Surfer Magazine’s Surfer Awards show, and now stars on his own YouTube show entitled, “Who is J.O.B.” The show, produced by sponsor Red Bull, is now in its sixth season – this is where this video clip is from.

Teahupo’o, where O’Brien performed this stunt, is a village in Tahiti famous among surfers for its heavy, massive swells that reach up to 10 feet tall. On some days, the waves can reach as high as 23 feet. Teahupo’o is the site of the yearly Billabong Pro Tahiti surf contest, part of the World Championship Tour of the Association of Surfing Professionals World Tour. It’s a popular spot for thrill-seeking surfers.

(YouTube Video Title: Jamie O’Brien Surfs Teahupo’o on Fire!)


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