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Unknown Sniper Is Single Handedly Defeating ISIS

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A mystery gunman is earning himself some high honors after reportedly killing three of terrorist group ISIS’s high-ranking leaders in Sirte, Libya.

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ISIS is said to be in a panic after an unknown sniper started taking out their leaders in their newly established “Caliphate” in the city of Sirte. Local Libyan media have reported that this shadowy assassin has gunned down no fewer than three commanders at long range.

These deaths have allegedly thrown the terrorist camp into confusion, as members of their forces arrested several people and carried out executions in a bid to find the sniper. Social media reports state that the latest casualty of this gunman was Abdullah Hamad Al-Ansari, an ISIS leader from the city of Obari in Libya. He was shot dead as he left a mosque on January 23, 2016.

Sirte has been a stronghold of the Islamic State since 2015, with Libyan intelligence estimating their numbers to be 2,000 strong. The group has continued to sow fear by enforcing floggings and beheadings among its citizenry and by imposing strict Sharia laws. The appearance of a seeming vigilante has been said to be a welcome sight for Sirte, as ISIS realizes that it is not immune to long-range offenses.

Hamad Abdel Hady, a Sudanese appointed to ISIS’s Sharia court, was gunned down outside a hospital earlier in January, which provoked surprise and fear among the ISIS members present during the attack. ISIS reportedly retaliated by firing randomly in an attempt to find and kill the sniper.

These reports have yet to be confirmed, as intrigue and speculation have already given the story mythical proportions. Snippets, articles and even photos have been making the rounds online. Real or not, this mystery sniper has inspired hope among Libyans who have been suffering under the ISIS’s terrible grip.

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