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5 Ways to Make a Secret Safe

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This video by Mr Gear is a compilation of his top five ways to hide cash and valuables at home.

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For the first one, he makes use of a Maxus alkaline battery, tape, a pen knife, and a glue gun. He uses the pen knife to cut open the alkaline battery and remove, then separates the smaller batteries inside. Then he sticks two of the loose batteries together to the cap and attaches a red light to it with some wires to show that it lights up. Then he slips the glued batteries halfway into their original container and drops some pills into it. He then closes the lid to show that the battery container seems like a normal Alkaline battery.

For the second one, he unscrews a wall socket, sticks a five-dollar bill inside with the wires and screws back the socket. There is no sign of the money.

For the third, he removes a screw from what seems to be either a table or a cabinet then he uses a drill to make the hole a little bit wider. He separates the head of the screw from its body and replaces the body with a piece of straw. He rolls a bill and slips it inside the straw, then he sticks the straw-screw back into its original place.

The fourth way is to open up an extension cord disconnect the wires, remove the pieces of metal, and then tape the ends of the wires. He places some jewelry and money inside the makeshift container before closing it again to make it seem like a normal extension cord.

The fifth and final way is by using a tube of toothpaste. He rolls some five-dollar bills, then covers them with saran wrap before putting it in the tube of toothpaste. He uses a barbecue stick to push it in all the way, then demonstrates that the toothpaste still comes out like usual when squeezed. After all the toothpaste has been used, he cut open the back of it to reveal the rolled up money untouched by toothpaste.

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