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Amazing! Police Officer Jumps from helicopter to tackle criminal In Houston Police Chase

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The video shows aerial footage of a criminal on the run – quite literally – who is eventually apprehended by police officers. According to the video’s caption, this was a culmination from a car chase in northeast Houston, though the suspect’s car is nowhere to be seen on the video.

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A man clad in a red shirt is seen zig-zagging through a field of grass as a helicopter hovers low above him, following his actions and presumably telling him to surrender. The suspect, though visibly exhausted as he stumbles, continues to run around the field, trying to avoid the helicopter, when a police car drives up to the scene and heads him off. The man is temporarily knocked down, but he quickly gets up and starts running again, this time with the police car chasing him around the field.

Finally, a helmeted police officer, whom the video says was in the helicopter and jumped off it, is shown running fast from the left and tackling the suspect to the ground. The suspect gets up and is clearly resisting arrest, as he pushes and shoves at the officer in an attempt to get away, but the police officer in the car gets out and helps restrain the man, who continues to fight his way free.

Two more police officers, both presumably from the helicopter too, arrive and they all quickly get the suspect handcuffed and up on his feet, one of them even pulling up the suspect’s shorts that had come down. The officers load the man into the waiting police car. The last shot is an aerial view of the field which appears to be a very wide, open area, with the police car in view, and the helicopter shown to have landed – which explains how the police officers got to the ground, ending what looks to have been an exhaustive police chase for everyone.

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