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Couple Climbs The HIGHEST Construction Site In The World @ 640 Meters

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The video from Travel Ticker shows a couple climbing the highest construction site in the world – 640 meters tall. At the beginning of the video, a disclaimer from the channel says that while they support many travelers from around the world, many of whom climb rooftops and such, they warn against such attempts. They ask that viewers not attempt what they see here and avoid putting themselves and others in danger.

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A couple is seen at the airport in Tianjin, China in 2016. They are shown leaving the airport and traveling in a car to the Goldin Finance 117 building. The building, also called China 117 tower, is under construction and is expected to be finished by 2017. When completed, it will stand 117 stories tall and will surpass the Shanghai World Financial Center in height.

They say no one has ever climbed the tower. The couple fixes up a camera and attach it to the guy’s head so viewers see what he does. A second camera is worn by the girl, and a drone takes footage from the air.

The couple goes back at 3 in the morning and are shown going up the scaffolding as the sun lightens from being pitch black. They are shown traversing ladder-style up the crane, passing through narrow beams to the highest point of the site, with the rest of the city spread out behind them. There are no harnesses or rigs on them and they use the steel ropes, pulleys and beams as hand rails as they ascend. The view is jaw-dropping as the couple reaches the very end of the crane hanging over everything else and pull themselves up to the very tip where the pulley is.

The camera pans away to reveal the couple on top of the narrow steel crane, thousands of feet up in the air with nothing holding them and nothing to catch them below.

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