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Extreme Machinery – The Biggest Chain Trencher In The World

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This video given to us by Extreme World And Engineering displays the demonstrate abilities of the Chain Trencher and Gyratory Crusher. These two huge machines are essentially regular tools grown to gigantic proportions to complete the jobs no other device can. A great deal of technical information about the Astec Underground 1860 HD chain trencher and the Metso Minerals 4265 Superior Gyratory Crusher are provided in this informative video.  For example – there are only 9 of these monster 1860 machines in the world (at the time the video was created).

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The Astec Underground 1860 HD chain trencher is a burrowing machine that basically operates like a giant chain saw. For over 60 years, this Australian made machine has been used to drill through some of nature’s most unforgiving surfaces. The process is not cheap though; the Astec 1860 can consume 75 gallons of fuel in a matter of minutes. It weighs 350,000 pounds and runs on two massive Caterpillar engines.  One engine is dedicated to running the chain while the other engine runs the other associated hydraulic devices; the complimentary Gyratory Crusher is a powerful device that’s used to break down the rubble from the trencher into manageable pieces of debris.

Oh, and it only moves about 1 mile per hour!


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