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German Soldiers Firefight during the Siege of Kunduz

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German Soldiers Firefight during the Siege of Kunduz – FOOTAGE. Military Powers under the charge of General Mohammed Daud connected up with American and German Special Forces and progressed to the city of Taloqan, touching base outside the city on November 11.There, Daud’s strengths assaulted without American air bolster, rapidly directing the Taliban and seizing control of the city.Subsequent to steering the Taliban at Taloqan, Daud’s powers moved to attack Kunduz. They at first met overwhelming resistance, driving Daud to choose to dig in his strengths around the city and use American air backing to debilitate the Taliban. For the following eleven days, American air forces besieged Taliban positions, wrecking 44 shelter edifices, 12 tanks and 51 trucks and also various supplies.

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