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Jessie Graff’s Record-Breaking Run – American Ninja Warrior: USA vs. The World

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Jessie Graff, a stuntwoman and former pole vaulter from the University of Nebraska, takes on American Ninja Warrior, USA vs. The World edition, and makes history as the first woman to ever complete Stage 2. The video opens with fans cheering and waving American flags as Jessie takes deep breaths, preparing herself for Stage 2. The Captain of Team USA, Drew Drechsel, calls out encouragement to her. The commentators remark that he gave up his spot to Jessie in this round.

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Jessie begins with the Ring Swing. If she completes it in less than 43 seconds, she wins and gives Team USA 2 more points. She launches herself on the first ring, hooks it, jumps to grab the second ring, and completes the course in less than 40 seconds.

The second course is the Salmon Ladder, where she makes it up, then switches to the second ladder seamlessly. She climbs the ladder with impressive upper body strength, and moves on to the Wave Runner. The commentators say that she’s serving as an excellent role model to boys and girls everywhere.

Jessie swings, grabs the boards with her arms and makes the landing smoothly. She drops onto the mat, visibly relieved and flushed with success. Her friends and family chant her name, and she moves on to the Butterfly Wall, where she grabs on and as the wall spins, times it enough to jump and grab on to the rope, which she climbs to get to the next platform.

The Double Ledge is up next, a brutal course that has taken other, stronger competitors. Jessie jumps, grabs on to the bar and makes it across, almost falling in the transition to the second bar. She lets go and jumps, making the landing just in time, as the bar she was holding on to falls.

The last obstacle is made up of walls weighing from 95 to 135 pounds that she has to lift as she makes her way to the finish line. Jessie finishes, and hits the buzzer in disbelief as the crowd goes wild, with even the team members from other countries enthusiastically applauding her successful run.

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