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Life Inside The Maximum Security Prison In The USA ‘Most Violent Prison’

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This video by Real Crime Documentaries is about the Alexander Correctional Institution in Taylorsville, North Carolina. This state prison is considered the tightest prison in the state by officers, and it is considered hell by the inmates.

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The Alexander Correctional Institution is a Close Study prison, and is used mainly for housing felons such as murderers, rapists and child molesters. Around 80% of the prisoners are serving life sentences, meaning most of them will not go home. In order to keep these prisoners in line, the staff of the prison rule with an iron fist.

The inmates of the prison are assigned to one of four internal units. The Blue Unit houses inmates with chronic health issues, inmates assigned to unit specific jobs, new admissions into the institution, and inmates being released from segregation or control status. The Green Unit houses inmates assigned to the Correctional Enterprise Furniture plant, as well as those assigned to institutional job and program assignments. The Red Unit houses inmates assigned to the Residential mental health program, inmates assigned to outpatient mental health status, and inmates with specific and segregation janitorial jobs. The Segregation unit houses inmates assigned to Administrative and Disciplinary segregation and those on Intensive and Maximum control.

The Alexander Correctional Institution has a total capacity of 1,180 inmates. The prison employs correctional officers, mental health providers, registered nurses, nurse extenders, dental, maintenance and administrative staff. There are 128 segregation cells, eight medical infirmary beds, and a 252-bed minimum-security unit in the prison.

This video focuses on one of the biggest threats to prison security: gang activity. The North Carolina Department of Corrections established a Security Threat Group (STG). The STG aims to tag gang members and track their movements within the state prison.

The Alexander Correctional Institution has nine gangs operating within its facility, so officers do everything in their power to investigate gang affiliation. Inmates with gang affiliations are categorized into three levels, with level 3 being the highest threat level. Inmates on level 3 provided more restrictions than other prisoners.


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