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How to Make a Mousetrap Trip Wire Alarm | DIY

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This video by Mr Gear shows how to turn an ordinary mouse trap and gunpowder caps into an alarm device. Whether you’re trying to catch an intruder or give someone a good scare, you can build this simple tripwire alarm in only a few minutes.

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First, he shows us a working mousetrap. Then, he marks where the metal part of the mousetrap is when it’s not engaged. Next, he shows us a small plastic gun. A couple of shots are fired to see how powerful it is. He separates the gunpowder caps using scissors, then glues them along the line drawn earlier. Next, he takes some wire and ties it to the mousetrap as shown in the video. Finally, he demonstrates what would happen if someone trips the wire. When the mousetrap snaps, the metal hits the gunpowder caps. On impact, they give off a loud popping sound. This may be effective if you want to be alerted for intruders.

A tripwire is a mechanical or electrical passive triggering device that was originally created for soldiers to use in war. The tripwire would cause an enemy to fall, and sometimes, to trip a mine. However, it is now more commonly used for less nefarious purposes. For instance, you can use a tripwire as a perimeter alarm for a campground or as a simple prank. Typically, a wire or cord is attached to some device for detecting or reacting to physical movement. In this case, a mousetrap.

MrGear has various videos of exciting and useful DIYs and life hacks that you might find interesting. Some examples are making an Airsoft machine gun, a paper airplane launcher, a tranquilizer dart, a PVC-pipe bow, a homemade air gun, and more. Check out his channel for more how-to videos that are short, practical, and with easy-to-follow steps.

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