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How to make Tannerite – Cheap and Easy

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This video by Authentic Tactical is a tutorial on how to make homemade Tannerite. Tannerite is an exploding target used for firearms practice that is sold in kit form. It contains components of a binary explosive.

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The first thing needed to make homemade Tannerite is a container. The narrator uses a typical plastic container that can be bought in from grocery store. The second item is a box of instant cold packs. The important thing to note about the box of cold packs is that the label should state that it contains ammonium nitrate. Ammonium nitrate is the ingredient needed for the Tannerite, so if it doesn’t contain any, it won’t work. The last ingredient is aluminium powder, which is available on Amazon.com.

To make Tannerite, you first have to cut open the cold pack, but be careful not to touch the pouch of water inside. Remove the pouch of water, and pour the granular ammonium nitrate inside the plastic container. For one pack of ammonium nitrate, add on teaspoon of aluminium powder. So if you want to put three packs of ammonium nitrate, add three teaspoons of aluminium powder. Just remember to fill the container all the way up.

Once you are content with the amount of ammonium nitrate and aluminium powder in the plastic container, put the lid on and shake it up. Don’t be afraid to shake the mixture, because shaking it will not set it off. The only thing that can set the mixture off is a high-velocity round – a round that travels faster than 2,400 feet per second. The more you shake the mixture, the better it’s going to be. After shaking the plastic container, take some clear packing tape and seal the lid of the container.

To set the homemade Tannerite off, make sure that you place the container down range. Note that you should not be anywhere near the container when it goes off, because it is very powerful.



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