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Wingsuit Pilot Hits Target at 120mph (Miles Daisher)

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The video shows world-famous BASE jumper and daredevil, Miles Daisher, attempting the stunt he has always dreamed of: hitting a target while flying in his wingsuit at 120mph. For Miles, this dream came true when he competed at Wings for Love, a BASE jump fundraiser event in China. Wings for Life helps raise money for social causes in China.

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The event took place in Dashanbao, Yunnan Province, where Miles, accompanied by fellow pro wingsuit pilot, Chris ‘Douggs’ McDougall as his cameraman, is shown exiting the helicopter and making a b-line for his target (a set of styrofoam wings, only a couple of feet in diameter). He makes the leap and the camera shows a vast mountainous area several hundred feet below, covered in trees.

Miles’ target extends several feet out from a small spectator building, leaving him little room for error or miscalculation. It is also here at this platform where spectators are watching and anxiously awaiting to see if Miles can make his dream finally come true. He is seen flying towards the target, which stands on a tiny outcrop of rock jutting out of the mountains. He hits it dead-on and the camera shows both Miles and Chris making the landing at a makeshift runway as they yell in victory.

Wingsuit flying is the sport of gliding through the air with the use of a wingsuit that puffs out to create more surface area between the legs and arms. Also called “birdman suits” or “batman suits,” these allow the wearer a significant increase in lift. Flight usually ends with a parachute deployment so wingsuit flying can be done from any height that has enough altitude for a parachute to deploy, such as a skydiving aircraft or BASE-jump exit point.

With incredible precision and fluid grace, Miles hits his target head on, making his “BASE Dream” come true!

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