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5 Instant Karma Moments Caught On Camera! (Bully Edition)

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This video by We Want More Facts is a compilation of shocking instant karma moments caught on video. There are five videos all in all and the narrator shows them one by one.

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In the first video, a man of color and two white men seem to have gotten into a heated argument at the gas station. The white men walk away, but the young black male keeps yelling obscene suggestions at them. It goes on for a while. Finally, one of the men gets fed up with the aggravation and jumps on the bully, who gets beat up quite effortlessly.

The next video seems to have been taken at a karaoke bar. Two white men are the focus of the video. The man getting yelled at is trying his best to keep his cool and obviously doesn’t want any trouble, but the guy on the right just keeps shouting at him and getting in his face to taunt him. The drunken bully dares the other man to hit him. In the end, the other guy gets exasperated and gives the bully what he wants, a solid punch to the chin. The bully falls on his back, dazed. He then tries to stand up, only to fall again.

The third video shows a yelling match between a man and a woman. Apparently, the man was being to racist to the black male standing to the side. The racist man seems to have had a bit too much to drink. They keep going at it, and when the woman walks away, the drunken guy walks up to the black man, who punches him.

In the fourth video, there’s an old dude minding his own business and a guy just goes up to him to bully him. Eventually, one of the bystanders jumps in to help the old guy out. He punches the guy three times on the chin and the third hit knocks the bully out.

In the last video, a shirtless guy is yelling at a man, who gives him the old one-two, knocking him out cold.

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