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The video from Active Self Protection shows an armed robbery in progress. John introduces the lesson by saying that the moment an armed robbery starts is not the best moment to protect yourself, but if you choose the right technique, you’ll probably have better success. The video asks if in the same moment, could you have the patience and courage this guard did against an armed robber with a gun in your face?

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The robbery is in Sarajevo at a casino, where John says some important lessons can be learned, such as choosing your opportunity when an armed robber decides to attack you, using obscurity to protect yourself in the moment and seize the initiative, and moving and putting shots on target to protect yourself.

The clip of the robbery, which looks to be taken from a CCTV camera, begins with a security guard and a female casino employee relaxing, when suddenly, the employee panics and puts her hands in the air while the guard scrambles for a gun. The masked robber approaches, points a gun at the security guard and motions for him to get his hands up too. However, the guard has gotten a hold of the gun and he seizes the opportunity when the robber is unaware to whip it out and fire a few shots. The robber is obviously startled, ducks behind some slot machines and eventually runs off.

John rewinds the clip to point out some things. First, he says it’s easy to get bored but you have to stay diligent in situations like these. Next, the guard has a difficult time drawing his gun with his right hand but uses his left to fire, so his holster looks like it’s right-handed and it looks like he’s trying to chamber a round on the right, so the lesson is to have the right equipment. Another thing is feigning compliance while waiting for an opportunity is a good strategy to employ.

In the end his Active Self Protection was strong enough to win the day, and for that, John says, we salute him!


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