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Armed Robbers Get More Than They Bargained For

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In this video from Active Self Protection, John points out that the most effective way to protect yourself against armed robbers is to be armed yourself.

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CCTV footage shows a robbery at a gas station in Argentina, which teaches the importance of transitional spaces, situational awareness, and personal readiness for danger. In this way, you can defend yourself and those around you from harm.

A guy is shown filling up his car at a gas station, when two men come up on a motorcycle. One of them enters the convenience store behind while the other parks right behind the guy’s car. But the car owner, who is wearing some sort of uniform that tell he might be in law enforcement, is armed and comes out, shooting. The first robber runs off, but he gets the one on the motorcycle, who goes down on the ground. He then reaches down to disarm the robber and circles around to find the other one. When it appears the robber’s partner has disappeared, the car owner loops back to where he can see the rest of the gas station, his back to the wall.

John says there are a number of things that can be learned here. The best answer is to launch a counter-ambush when robbers come at you with guns, especially if you have the training for it. Get the first shot in – the most important shot – and hit your target.

In the footage, the car owner takes out the nearest robber first then sweeps his gun to the second robber. When the second robber no longer poses a threat, he quickly returns to the first one, who has gotten up. He doesn’t get tunnel vision, but continues sweeping the area, which is what you should do when there are multiple threats around. The guy manages to disarm the robber. However, John advises not to stoop over a fallen armed person to take his weapon away, as it could be dangerous, but in this case, it was unavoidable and the right thing to do.

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