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Bad Ass Philippines Actress Anne Curtis Combat Skills

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The video shows actress Anne Curtis from the Philippines training in combat skills – she is shown drawing and shooting at a range, practicing blade handling, including attacking and disarming an attacker with a knife, marching with the Philippine Scout Rangers on their regular weekend run, and hand-to-hand combat in kali martial arts training.

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The training is for an upcoming action movie the actress has, which is entitled, “Buy Bust,” a term used in Philippine drug enforcement as a method of flushing out drug dealers and users – a shortened form of “buy and bust.” Operatives go undercover, posing as prospective buyers in order to catch dealers and suppliers red-handed.

Curtis thanked the Scout Rangers in an Instagram post, saying she had not realized just how tough and painful their training was, and that being a soldier is no joke. She said she salutes them, and thanked the soldiers for accommodating her.

Kali martial arts is a form of Filipino martial arts that incorporates both Western and Eastern fighting techniques. It is joined by arnis and eskrima as the three most popular forms of Filipino martial arts, the main purposes being self-defense and survival. Due to the Philippines’ bloody, combat-riddled history of having foreigners invading all the time, the Filipinos developed battle skills in direct response to the ever-changing situations in the country.

Kalis are poison-bladed daggers, also known as kris. What makes Filipino martial arts stand out from other weapons-based martial arts is its focus on dealing with practical weapons, and how to turn ordinary items into instant weapons, the point being that no one carries swords or katanas around anymore. The techniques instead are more on military and street-fighting style applications.

Filipino martial arts are considered the most advanced in practical modern blade systems in the world, and are a core part of the US Army’s Modern Army Combatives program. The martial arts is also used by the Russian Spetsnaz and various special forces units in India.

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