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Bystander Gives Armed Robber an Educational Beat Down | Active Self Protection

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John of Active Self Protection says this is one of the biggest lessons he has ever seen an armed robber get on camera, but the video also shows the line between self-defense and becoming a full-on aggressor. He says this is one of the funniest armed robberies he’s ever seen in his life, and viewers soon find out why.

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This video teaches about the willingness for third parties to step in, and that in defense, you must always cover yourself and know how to protect yourself and those around you, especially when there is an armed assailant. Lastly, it teaches about protection versus punishment.

In the footage, a trio of customers is at the counter, talking and checking their items out. A guy in a darker shirt comes in. Two accomplices follow him into the store. The first attacker goes up to the counter and pulls a gun, waving it at the clerk. As it turns out, one of the customers is appears to be some sort of known gangster in the area, and he comes up behind the attacker, takes him in a headlock and grabs his firing hand. The accomplices quickly leave the store.

The gangster then takes the would-be robber down, the clerk jumps over the counter, and the two men start giving the robber an “educational beatdown,” according to John. The gangster takes the gun and tosses it onto the counter, and the clerk holds the robber down while the gangster pounds on him until he’s obviously bleeding. Then the gangster takes the gun, takes his ice cream and soda that he had left when he grabbed the robber, and walks off.

John notes that in the video, the gangster keeps his calm, and waits for his chance. He practices the Ds: deflect, dominate, distract, disarm and disable. He adds that it’s a good thing the accomplice decided to run instead of joining the fray. He says when does it get unlawful? When the gangster punches the defenseless robber, that crossed the line, John says. There should always be a line between being a protector and being punitive.

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