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This is Why You Carry With A Round in the Chamber!

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This Active Self Protection video tells us John’s thoughts on the Israeli Carry or the Israeli Draw. It is a pistol technique in which the pistol is carried holstered, with a magazine loaded, but with an empty chamber. It poses the question: Is the practice of carrying a gun with a round in the chamber effective or not?

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He does not recommend it. Actually, he is strongly against it. And he backs his standpoint by showing several videos of armed robberies that could have ended differently if only the victims were able to maximize the use of their guns.

In the videos, the attackers were successful because their victims didn’t have a free hand to help chamber their gun. As a result, they got beat up pretty badly. In the worst case, the victim died. It made no difference whether the victim was a shopkeeper, security guard, or trained police officer. Having a gun with an empty chamber basically rendered the firearm useless. The free hand that should have been doing what should be done is always engaged i.e. grabbing the attacker or defending from the attacker.

Chambering a round takes both hands. That is the fastest way to do it. If your support hand is busy fending off a bad guy or holding a child or is injured, then you’re out of luck. Sure, range masters teach how to use the rear sights to hook on the edge of your boot or belt, but those are for small targets, not someone stabbing you or bashing your head in.

Everyone has their own reasons for why they do what they do, but the videos clearly demonstrate why carrying a gun in ready-to-fire condition is the better defensive setup. If you have a gun, it should be ready to use at a moment’s notice.

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