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Caught on Camera: Man Loses Gun in Fight Against Armed Robber

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John from Active Self Protection says that these are the kinds of videos that should make every concealed carrier in America take stock of their ability to defend themselves if they carry a firearm. This shows the truth of what we talk about at Active Self Protection constantly. He asks the question, “Are you ready to protect your firearm from being taken by an armed robber and used against you?”

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John says if you’re going to carry a firearm, you might not only be ready to use it, but you should be ready to defend it, too. Today’s lesson comes from Philadelphia, and is a very scary video for anyone who carries a concealed firearm. He says it’s going to show a guy with a concealed weapon getting ambushed by a bad guy who takes his weapon from him and uses it to shoot him – death or injury by your own weapon is something those who carry firearms should be careful of.

The video shows a guy wearing a cap walking up to the counter of a store, where a guy looks to be paying for some items. The man wearing the cap attacks the other guy from behind, grabbing for his waistband and they grapple on the ground. The attacker manages to grab the guy’s weapon and fires it; luckily, the victim is not hurt and he goes after the attacker in an attempt to retrieve his weapon, but the attacker gets away.

John says there are several lessons here: first, the gun is hidden behind the owner’s waistband, on his back where he can’t see it. Next, the victim was attacked because he had no situational awareness and was not paying attention. Another thing is to know how to make the ground your friend, as the two men fight on the ground, we see that the victim is unable to both defend himself and his weapon. On the plus side, the gun was not chambered, so it did no harm, so the victim was lucky in that regard.

So for anyone who carries a firearm, make sure you are able to retain that firearm – train with it, and make sure that your weapon stays put unless you say otherwise.

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