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Citizen With Concealed Weapons Permit Shoots and Kills Attacker

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The video shows live footage from an attack that happened inside a Waffle House in Fort Myers, Florida.

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Two men, including one Jehrardd Williams, are sitting at the bar, eating and minding their own business. Suddenly, two men wearing black shirts enter the diner, and cross to the far end. They disappear briefly from view then reappear as they seem to be having words with Williams and his companion. A third man in grey, identified as Dakota Fields, enters and joins the two men in the black shirts. Witnesses say that there was a heated argument going on.

The men start to leave, and one of them shakes hands with Williams as they exit. But they come back, and one of them punches Williams. Williams takes out his legally concealed firearm – a Smith & Wesson, which he is seen holding. The men back off and head for the door, and Williams goes towards the restroom. Suddenly, Fields runs out of nowhere and attempts to tackle Williams, who then fires the weapon three times. Fields runs out of the diner with his companions.

Williams then takes the magazine out of his gun, puts it and the gun on the counter, and gets down on the floor of the diner. He calls 911 and tells the police that he has fired some shots at a man because he feared for his life and to come get him. Police officers are shown entering shortly after, one of them bending down to check on Williams.

Tim Black, the man reporting on the story, says that Fields and companions rushed off in an SUV after the altercation. They had apparently been making racist remarks to Williams. Fields and the others were said to be inebriated, as they crashed their vehicle not far from the scene, and Fields was pronounced dead on the scene from the bullet wounds.

Law enforcement saw it that Williams was shooting in self-defense, and waitresses at the diner testified to it. Black ends by saying words to live by, “Don’t start none, there won’t be none.”


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