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Counter Ambush Stops Carjacking Cold

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The video from Active Self Protection presents a scenario where having awareness and readiness can really pay off – a carjacking.

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John Correia, an evidence-based defensive trainer, shows CCTV footage of a car getting carjacked. He says this will show the biggest principles of surviving a carjacking at work: a victim who is aware of what is going on, and has counter-ambush strategies ready.

The car is seen parking on a street, and the carjackers can be seen lurking in an establishment across from it. The driver turns out to be an off-duty officer who has already spotted the men. She sits in the car, waiting. When four men come up to her door and open it, she comes out with a gun and begins firing at them. They scatter as she keeps firing warning shots. She snatches up her bag, which had dropped to the ground in the scuffle, and continues shooting with just one hand.

Rewound, the car can be seen in slow motion backing up. The officer appears to be getting ready to leave the car, as the door opens, but in a moment that reflects excellent situational awareness, she closes the door as the men approach.

John remarks that she could have just driven away, but he adds that she might have been giving them the benefit of the doubt – what if they were just going to walk past and not attack? Also, there was a civilian walking past on the other side of the car, so she might have been trying to protect him as well.

In addition, she’s shooting one-handed with her left hand while holding a bag with her right, which John says takes years of training to pull off. The officer successfully defends herself and those around her, while preventing her car from getting stolen, and from what could have been a much worse attack.


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