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Counter Disarms You Need To Learn (Mastro Defence System)

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In any survival situation, it is imperative for anyone to know how to defend one’s self against possible attacks or threats to safety and well-being. In an urban environment, these threats are numerous, and anyone can fall victim to a drug addict with a gun and an agenda.

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Learning basic self-defense maneuvers are not only a luxury in these modern times, but a necessity. With the increase in crime rates all over the world, it is important for individuals to learn how best to protect themselves. It’s not enough to carry a weapon of sorts at all times; knowing how to fend off an attack or disarm a weapon will go a long way to saving one’s life, and possibly the lives of others.

Frederic Mastro’s Silat Defence System is one of many self-defense courses currently being taught to civilians, law enforcement and security personnel alike. Founded by martial artist and street fighter Fred Mastro, this school uses a combination of Indonesia Pencak Silat martial arts movements, Filipino fighting techniques and other forms of martial arts to equip students with self-defense moves.

The SDS, as the system is known, focuses on teaching students how to use simple yet effective moves to disarm attackers, avoid harm to self and cause harm to the attacker. The defense techniques taught by Mastro and his instructors are applicable to real-life situations, and have been appropriated for street scenarios and urban environments, such as when a person is mugged at knifepoint.

Some of the basic philosophies taught by the Mastro school of thinking are to know that any part of the body can be used for defense, but in turn any part of the body is also susceptible to attacks. Popular among young men, the Silat Defense System is good for anyone wanting to learn practical self-defense tactics.

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