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Criminals Don’t Think Like You: The Truth About Disarming

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The video offers some quick insights into what they say is a common comment on YouTube videos regarding disarming demonstrations and techniques: “Who would be stupid enough to get that close (enough for someone to disarm them)?”

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Ryan Hoover answers the question by breaking down what goes on in a common criminal’s mind when he or she pulls a gun on someone – it is very different to how someone with military or martial arts training would do. Most videos showing robbers and people holding up establishments or people show them walking right up to the counter or cash machine or person and point a gun at them, instead of staying far enough to avoid being disarmed.

Hoover says we have to understand the psychology of power in relation to distance, meaning people with weapons feel that the closer they are and the closer their weapons are to their victims, the more scared their victims become, giving them more power. If you’re trained enough in disarming, their getting close to you gives you a window of opportunity wherein you can disarm them or cause harm.

Another thing to realize about common criminals, says Hoover, is that we need to understand their intention and motivation mentality. Are they there simply to get belongings and cash or do they have something bigger planned, like a hostage situation? If the motive is robbery, it would be best to comply instead of endangering lives, but if there are uncertainties about your survival in the situation, it would be a good idea to start working on an escape or defense plan.

Hoover adds that personal protection is up to you; teachers and videos can only go as far as to teach you and give you a framework to work on, but your actions are your own. There is no substitute for real-world training and though hopefully it won’t come to that, we should all be prepared enough so that we can fight back should any armed man mean to do us harm.

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