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This is Why First Aid Skills are Necessary for Every Self Defender | Active Self Protection

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In this episode of Active Self Protection, John says that one of the most important skill set that any self-defender should have is that of first aid training. He shows a video of what looks to be an assassination attempt in Venezuela and talks about the lessons that can be gleaned from it, which are: knowing first aid, keeping your tools on you, and having an attitude and a plan for self-defense.

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In the video, you can just see the head of one of the victims when a guy comes over, draws a gun, and starts taking shots at him. The guys all look like off-duty cops. One of them draws a gun and runs after the suspect. Another man who has an exit wound on the back of his left shoulder pops into the frame. One of his friends runs up to him and checks up on him. The wounded man gives his gun to another man and starts spitting on the ground. His windpipe is clearly impacted and he is badly bleeding.

His friends go over to him and put pressure on his wounds. What’s interesting is that even though he’s badly wounded, he’s still standing and coherent. Everyone is trying to make sure that they’re not in danger anymore. After the shooter fires and runs off, the first thing they did was to run after the suspect while the rest checked the area for other possible attackers.

The man who got shot was very level-headed about the whole thing. Giving his gun to another person was a good idea and it shows that he knew that if he would go into shock, then someone could protect him. One of the men took off his shirt and used it to cover the wound, which demonstrates quick thinking and resourcefulness. In times like these, immediate response is key.

First aid skills are a must for every self-defender and this video is a great reminder that having both self-aid and buddy aid skills and tools are critical to self-protection.

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