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Girls fight back

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This video compilation is proof that women do fight back when threatened – sometimes, they can be even downright scary. While the authenticity of some of the clips have been questioned by viewers, with many claiming that they were staged or are “fake,” the video is effective enough in showing that women should not be considered “the weaker sex.”

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In the first clip, a masked man attempts to grab a woman’s purse as she gets out of her car. She holds on to her purse and attacks the man, kneeing him in the groin and kicking him. He falls and is rescued by a companion on motorcycle, who pulls him away.

In the second clip, a girl is using her phone when a man runs up and snatches it out of her hand. She pursues him and jumps on him so that he falls to the ground and loses his grip on her belongings. The following scene is of a young lady walking outdoors when two men on a motorcycle ride up behind her and snatch at her purse. She flings out an arm and knocks the man riding pillion off the bike, and when the driver gets off the bike to attack her, she throws him and kicks at him – all while in high heels.

In the next shot, a woman wearing a hijab is in an elevator with two men. They flank her and try to muscle her bag away, but she shows off some martial arts moves, picks up her bag and leaves the would-be robbers lying inside. Three more scenes in elevators show women fighting off men who approach them and try to rob them.

In another scene caught by a CCTV camera, a woman has just opened her car door and two men try to steal it. She manages to stop them by pulling the driver’s door open as they drive away and chasing them around the car, enough that they give up and run away. She then gets in her car and drives off.


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