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Grown Man on Moto Gets Carjacked by Tween | Active Self Protection

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Just because someone is young, it doesn’t mean they can’t pose a deadly threat to you, John begins in this video, which features a pre-teen attempting to carjack an adult male of his motorcycle. But first, he pushes the MantisX that attaches to any gun and acts as a shooting diagnostics tool of sorts.

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This lesson on Active Self Protection comes from Brazil. It shows many important lessons on awareness and willingness to defend, and on the dangers that lurk, even coming from a very young person such as the assailant here.

The footage shows a helmeted man appearing to unlock his motorbike or getting ready to drive it. There’s a boy in the periphery who is actually dressed decently, who suddenly approaches the man, pulls a gun from his waistband and announces a robbery. The boy can’t be more than 13 years old, from the looks of it. A second teenager, this one older and taller, runs up to the man and starts grabbing things from him, like his phone and wallet, pushing him back onto a parked car. The man argues for his backpack, but the kids get on the bike and drive off, thankfully without anyone getting seriously injured. The man just paces in frustration.

The first thing here is awareness — the man was too engrossed in putting his backpack onto the bike that he failed to notice the kid coming up behind him. When it comes the willingness to defend, the man was obviously much larger than the kid, and while there was a gun, the kid’s arm was outstretched. Ideally, the man could have taken him down with a few precise, well-timed moves. However, there is an accomplice that made the situation more difficult, as the man would have had to fight two guys at once.

The best thing the guy did here was to comply and give up his stuff instead of coming to more harm. People get shot in Brazil all the time. On the bright side, this CCTV footage shows the assailants’ faces pretty clearly, so he might be able to do something about that.

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