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Guard Beats Bank Robber to the Shot | Active Self Protection

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Active Self-Protection presents yet another video of a robbery where the criminal gets his comeuppance, as in this case, the guard wins the day. John says he wishes every bank robbery went just like this one, because then, there would be no successful ones.

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The robbery takes place in Rockford, Illinois. The situation goes very badly for the robber, and John says it’s a lesson in preparedness, awareness, putting shots on target, and there are some things on legal and moral repercussions to touch on, too.

The camera – CCTV footage – shows the interior of what appears to be a small, local bank. There is not much activity inside, and there are only a few people present. Outside, a black car pulls up and a man runs out. He’s wearing a baseball cap and has his face covered. He jumps inside, announces a robbery while pointing and waving a gun. Employees duck, run and scatter.

The guard ducks but draws his gun and fires a shot. The robber returns fire, and the guard fires again, hits the guy, clears a malfunction from his weapon, and fires a third time. The robber staggers off to the doorway and drops face-first just outside the door. A different camera angle shows what happened from the front of the room.

The guard then has to take follow-up action, so he cautiously walks over to the door, checking on the employees as he does, and leans down to check on the fallen robber. He takes the robber’s gun away, puts his own gun away and cuffs the guy. The other people get on their phones. John says that fortunately for all involved, the only person hurt here was the robber.

The first lesson for self-defenders is responsiveness. Getting that first shot out is the most important thing, John says. There was some concealment, so the guard had to raise himself up to aim, which is another lesson – using concealment both offensively and defensively. The third show may be a gray area, as the robber was getting ready to run, but John says he was still in attack mode, so it was alright for the guard to shoot, and stopping when he was out the door was the right call.

When it came to disarming the robber, John says that was part of his job, but he says that self-defenders should be very careful when doing this, or avoid going near the fallen body unless necessary.


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