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Handgun Grip – Tactical Moment #1

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Chad from Insights Training Center shows a handgun grip in this Tactical Moment episode, beginning the video with a few brief clips of him shooting his handgun.

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He uses a mock orange handgun to show how to properly grip. He says that the grip is vitally important because it is the interface between your body and your weapons system, and will determine how you shoot. What you need to achieve with grip is an equal 360 degree force around the gun.

Make sure that the gun is set nice and deep in our hand, and that your non-dominant hand is equally high on that weapon. You can test that by gripping the gun with both hands, with your dominant hand on the grip and the non-dominant hand supporting it on the other side. If you open your hands up at the bottom, that gun should stay absolutely steady and pointing straight, not tilting towards either hand. This tells you that you’re starting with symmetrical forces around the gun so that when you add the energy of recoil, that weapon is going to stay steady in your hand and not jump around.

What typically happens with folks is that they drop their non-dominant hand down, and grip with their dominant hand, then bring up their other hand to support lower on the grip. What happens when you do this is that if you try dropping the lower part of your hands, the gun is not symmetrical or balanced. It often tilts towards your dominant hand. That means there is no equal force around the gun so it is not steady, and this is going to cause problems with recoil and will even impact accuracy when you shoot. What you want to do is to make sure there is a nice interaction between your hands and the gun, equally.

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