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Isis VS Sniper

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The video posted by Rusnawan Agung Wijaya shows a series of clips of real-time hostage situations. In each of them, an armed attacker has grabbed a hostage and is making threats. While there is no confirming evidence, and the clips are in different languages, the title of the video suggests that the hostage-takers were members of terrorist group ISIS, or the Islamic State. None of the situations appear to have occurred in the United States.

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All of clips show a hostage taker, always a man, forcibly holding a hostage by the throat and pointing with either a gun or a knife. Almost all of the hostages are women. In one clip, the hostage appears to be a child. In the last clip, there are multiple hostage-takers holding several people in what appears to be a robbery. Two men, each pointing a gun at a hostage, are shown.

Law enforcement is seen either negotiating or in the background, and in each case, the hostage taker is shot by a sniper and the victims are released unharmed. In one particular lengthy situation, the hostage-taker has backed himself into a corner of a roofless building, so a police officer stacks a ladder on the other side of the wall, climbs it and shoots down at the unsuspecting attacker. In the last clip, a single man surprises the hostage-taker by appearing around the corner and grabbing him while his back is turned, disarming him enough that police officers can swarm the building and get to the rest of the attackers.

In the United States, hostage-taking is a federal crime under the Hostage Taking Act, which applies to all territories of the country. It can also apply to hostage-takers in other countries who are American citizens. These laws are consistent with the fundamentals of international criminal law, as hostage taking is considered a crime or an act of terrorism across the world.


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